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Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels?

Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels? If you are thinking about taking Turkesterone for it's muscle and strength building capabilities, you may be worried if it will lower your natural production of testosterone. So Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels? You may think that because almost every anabolic steroid will drastically lower your bodies natural production of testosterone and therefor lower your testosterone levels.  Here is how regular anabolic steroids lower your testosterone levels. Most anabolic steroids are seen by the body as testosterone. When your body sees that there it is getting testosterone from an outside source, it slows down it's production of testosterone. In essence, when you are taking steroids you are replacing your bodies testosterone. So your body...

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What kind of Size and Muscle Gains can I expect to get on Turkesterone?

What kind of Size and Muscle Gains can I expect to get on Turkesterone? As a supplement company it would be in our best interest to try and make it seem like Turkesterone is this insane compound that works better then things like Testosterone, Deca, Anavar and Winstrol. This type of deceptive advertising is almost par for the course in the supplement industry and some of our competitors use this same tactic to try and make their supplements seem better then steroids. Here at HCGains we do things a little differently. We are honest with what our supplements do and what to expect when taking them. With that being said, lets get into what you can expect is the way...

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Does Turkesterone burn fat?

Does Turkesterone burn fat?   We get asked this question a lot. Because people hear so many great stories about how much Turkesterone builds muscle and helps with strength PR's, that it must burn fat as well. Unfortunately there are no studies that show that Turkesterone has any fat burning properties. So does Turkesterone burn fat? As a supplement alone it does not. But if you were to add 10 pounds of muscle to your body, that 10 pounds of lean contractile tissue would burn extra calories throughout the day. So while Turkesterone itself does not burn fat, the added muscle that you add to your body will be burning extra calories 24 hours a day.  With that being said,...

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Does Ajuga Turkesterone Really Work?

Does Ajuga Turkesterone really work? With all of the hype about Ajuga Turkesterone, many potential users my wonder if Turkesterone actually helps with strength and gaining muscle mass? As a supplement company it is in our best interest to hype up our products and make them sound like they offer the same benefits as Sarms and Steroids. But we are a little different then other supplement companies. We don't advertise our products with buzz phrases like "Skin Splitting Pumps, Insane Lean Muscle Gains, etc." We like to give our customers the real deal as to what to expect from a product like Ajuga Turkesterone or Liquid Turkesterone. So here is the real deal. Everything has pros and cons. Steroids and...

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Does Turkesterone cause gyno?

Does Turkesterone cause gyno? Since Turkesterone has grown in popularity and so many people have seen huge muscle and strength gains from it, many people think it is a typical steroid. Steroids like testosterone alter your hormone profile drastically and these hormone imbalances are what cause Gyno. If your estrogen levels double while taking a steroid like testosterone, you may develop gynecomastia which is the enlargement of breast tissue directly behind your nipple. Most people call this Gyno and it can be extremely embarrassing.  So does Turkesterone cause Gyno? Turkesterone is not a normal steroid. Turkesterone is a 100% natural plant steroid which the plant releases when stressed. Human have receptors in our brain for plant steroids. We have no...

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