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Turkesterone Daily Dosage (Ajuga Turkesterone)

Turkesterone Daily Dosage (Ajuga Turkesterone While Ajuga Turkesterone is not main stream enough to have tons of studies behind on the daily dosage to build muscle. Most of the anecdotal evidence on the daily dosage is showing most gym bros taking between 1 gram and 3 grams per day. Most people are typically dosing their turkesterone twice per day. They will take half of their daily turkesterone dose in the morning and the other half at night before bed. We think this is a smart way to dose turkesterone as you there is a more constant level of it in your body. As the body builds a good amount of your muscle gains while you are sleeping, it make a...

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Does Ajuga Turkesterone Really Work?

Does Ajuga Turkesterone really work? With all of the hype about Ajuga Turkesterone, many potential users my wonder if Turkesterone actually helps with strength and gaining muscle mass? As a supplement company it is in our best interest to hype up our products and make them sound like they offer the same benefits as Sarms and Steroids. But we are a little different then other supplement companies. We don't advertise our products with buzz phrases like "Skin Splitting Pumps, Insane Lean Muscle Gains, etc." We like to give our customers the real deal as to what to expect from a product like Ajuga Turkesterone or Liquid Turkesterone. So here is the real deal. Everything has pros and cons. Steroids and...

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