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Does Turkesterone Cause Hair Loss?

Does Turkesterone Cause Hair Loss? Most people associate steroids with hair loss and they would be correct. Most anabolic steroids will cause an increase of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is the main hormone that cause balding or male pattern baldness. Dihydrotestosterone binds with the hair follicles in your scalp and slowly kill off the follicle. But Turkesterone does not bind to your androgen receptors and has no effect on your natural hormone balance. So it will not increase your bodies DHT levels. With no effect on your hormone or Dihydrotestosterone levels, Turkesterone has zero effect on your hair and will give you no hair loss or balding. So to answer the question, Turkesterone does not cause hair loss, balding, alopecia or male pattern baldness....

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Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels?

Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels? If you are thinking about taking Turkesterone for it's muscle and strength building capabilities, you may be worried if it will lower your natural production of testosterone. So Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels? You may think that because almost every anabolic steroid will drastically lower your bodies natural production of testosterone and therefor lower your testosterone levels.  Here is how regular anabolic steroids lower your testosterone levels. Most anabolic steroids are seen by the body as testosterone. When your body sees that there it is getting testosterone from an outside source, it slows down it's production of testosterone. In essence, when you are taking steroids you are replacing your bodies testosterone. So your body...

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Does Turkesterone need a PCT / Do you need to run a PCT / Post Cycle Therapy on Turkesterone?

Does Turkesterone need a PCT / Do you need to run a PCT / Post Cycle Therapy on Turkesterone? Since Turkesterone has grown in popularity and so many people have seen huge muscle and strength gains from it, many people think it is a typical steroid. Steroids like testosterone alter your hormone profile drastically and these hormone imbalances are what cause the need to run a PCT or Post Cycle Therapy. PCT / Post Cycle Therapy is what people who use steroids do after a cycle. When these people take outside testosterone the body stops producing it's own testosterone. PCT / Post Cycle Therapy is done to kick start the bodies natural production of testosterone. Below we will explain why you...

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