Does Ajuga Turkesterone Really Work?

Does Ajuga Turkesterone really work?
With all of the hype about Ajuga Turkesterone, many potential users my wonder if Turkesterone actually helps with strength and gaining muscle mass?
As a supplement company it is in our best interest to hype up our products and make them sound like they offer the same benefits as Sarms and Steroids. But we are a little different then other supplement companies. We don't advertise our products with buzz phrases like "Skin Splitting Pumps, Insane Lean Muscle Gains, etc." We like to give our customers the real deal as to what to expect from a product like Ajuga Turkesterone or Liquid Turkesterone.
So here is the real deal. Everything has pros and cons. Steroids and Sarms are more powerful and will provide more gains and strength then Turkesterone. But the cons for these can be huge! Suppressed hormone levels, Acne, Balding, Testicular atrophy, infertility and possibly needing to use testosterones replacement therapy for the rest of your life.
Ajuga Testosterone will not pack on as much muscle as Sarms and Gear. That is simply a fact. Don't let bloggers or anyone else tell you different. But the positives for turkesterone are huge. It is 100% natural, no hormone suppression, No injecting, no post cycle therapy, No need for TRT and Turkesterone is also thought to help lower cholesterol, blood glucose levels and possibly be neuro protective.
So what can you expect when taking Ajuga Turkesterone. First off, with almost every compound that is used to build muscle the amount of time and dosage that you take the compound will determine the amount of muscle and strength you will aquire. This is why most steroid and sarm cycles last 8-16 weeks. This is true with Turkesterone as well. This is why we reccommend taking Turkesterone for at least 8 weeks. Preferably 12 weeks or longer.
The next thing to consider is much Turkesterone you are taking on a daily basis. This will vary from person to person. But the most common protocol that we see is taking 2,000mg or 2 grams of turkesterone per day. 1,000mg or 1gram in the morning and the same dose at night. Some people are hyper responders and only need to take 1,000mg per day and some people get better results at 3,000mg per day. This is one of the reasons that we decided not to be greedy and offer 120 500mg capsules instead of the normal 60 that the other guys offer.
The cycle length and dosage is what led us to create our Ajuga Turkesterone Cycle Pack with includes 3 bottles / 360 capsules. We feel this cycle gives you enough time and dosage to see the full potential for muscle and strength gains.
We think the best way we can give you an idea of what to expect from Turkesterone is to compare it directly to Creatine and Sarms and Testosterone. In this example being completely natty would be 0. Taking Creatine would be 25 on the gains scale. We would place Ajuga Turkesterone on the scale at 50, Sarms at 75 and would place Testosterone at 100.

So more muscle and strength gains then Creatine but less then Sarms. We would also recommend stacking Creatine and Turkesterone since they help build muscle and strength using two completely different pathways. This is what is called compound synergy. One plus one may equal 3 in this scenario. This combination will still allow you to keep your Natty card, not completely mess up your hormones and will not give you any of the normal nasty side effects that anabolic compounds and Sarms do.
We hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect when taking Ajuga Turkesterone!