What kind of Size and Muscle Gains can I expect to get on Turkesterone?

What kind of Size and Muscle Gains can I expect to get on Turkesterone?

As a supplement company it would be in our best interest to try and make it seem like Turkesterone is this insane compound that works better then things like Testosterone, Deca, Anavar and Winstrol. This type of deceptive advertising is almost par for the course in the supplement industry and some of our competitors use this same tactic to try and make their supplements seem better then steroids.

Here at HCGains we do things a little differently. We are honest with what our supplements do and what to expect when taking them. With that being said, lets get into what you can expect is the way of gains with taking our Turkesterone.

If you are looking into Turkesterone as a muscle building supplement there is a good chance that you are natural and are not looking to mess up your hormones and body with Steroids and Sarms. This is a wise choice in the long run!

However one has to understand that no natural supplement that does not shut down your bodies natural hormone production is going to be as strong as steroids or Sarms. Everything has it's pros and cons. Steroids and Sarms mess up your body and hormones, but do offer great muscle gains. Turkesterone does not damage your body or disrupt its natural hormone production, and therefor yields less muscle gains.

We think the best comparison we can make for Turkesterone vs a steroid is to Anavar also known as Oxandrolone. Anavar while still extremely powerful is considered more of a mild steroid. It provides lean and dry muscle gains while giving pretty impressive strength gains. We like to consider Turkesterone to be Anavar lite.

Turkesterone offers some of the same type of muscle and strength gains as Anavar to a lower degree. Not too mention Turkesterone has no effect on your hormone levels and does not cause any damage to your liver.

We think that this is the best way we can describe what to expect while taking turkesterone. Solid muscle gains and solid strength gains, but not on the level of steroids.

Now also keep in mind that how hard you lift and what you eat each day will make a huge difference in the gains that you get. If you half ass it in the gym and don't eat enough protein your not going to get the same results as someone who does. Simple as that.

We like to think of Turkesterone in the same way as Creatine, but different. They are both similar because they have both been proven to build muscle. If you took two guys who both did the exact same workout and had the exact same genetics. One took Creatine and one didn't, the one who took creatine would have gained more muscle. Simple as that.

Turkesterone is very much the same, but studies do show that it is potentially much more powerful then creatine. Pretty cool since it does not mess up your body and you can still show off your natty card proudly.

We hope this is helpful in explaining what to expect with Turkesterone. You are definitely going to gain more muscle while taking it then without taking it. But you are not going to achieve the same results as steroids or sarms.