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Liquid Turkesterone 500mg/1ml - 30ml Bottle

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Why Take Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a very interesting compound in that it helps grow muscle without activating the androgen receptors. Compounds that do activate the androgen receptors to grow muscle also shut down the bodies natural production of testosterone. This shut down of testosterone production can cause serious medical complications and can eventually cause the person to need to get on testosterone replacement therapy for life.

Turkesterone does not carry any of these side effects and is considered a natural supplement. This is why so many natural athletes choose to add Turkesterone to their supplement regiment.

Creatine is another supplement that we would consider to be in the same genre of supplements as Turkesterone. They both have been proven to help add muscle and do not negatively effect the bodies natural hormone balance. This is why both natural and enhanced athletes can use Turkesterone to achieve their fitness goals.

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Turkesterone Study

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Turkesterone Study