Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels?

Does Turkesterone Affect Testosterone? Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels?

If you are thinking about taking Turkesterone for it's muscle and strength building capabilities, you may be worried if it will lower your natural production of testosterone.

So Does Turkesterone Lower Testosterone Levels? You may think that because almost every anabolic steroid will drastically lower your bodies natural production of testosterone and therefor lower your testosterone levels. 

Here is how regular anabolic steroids lower your testosterone levels. Most anabolic steroids are seen by the body as testosterone. When your body sees that there it is getting testosterone from an outside source, it slows down it's production of testosterone. In essence, when you are taking steroids you are replacing your bodies testosterone. So your body does not need to make it anymore.

Once you stop taking steroids, your body will take some time to realize it does not have enough testosterone and will slowly begin ramping up production.

Turkesterone is not seen in the body as testosterone and does not effect your bodies natural production of testosterone. That is why so many natural athletes and body builders turn to taking Turkesterone to get that extra edge over their competition and in gaining muscle and strength.

So no need to worry about Turkesterone lowering your bodies natural production of testosterone or lowering your testosterone levels. Turkesterone is 100% natural and does not work in the same way as steroids do. So have no fear, your testosterone levels and Natty card are safe when taking Turkesterone.