Turkesterone Cycle Length (Ajuga Turkesterone Extract)

Turkesterone Cycle Length (Ajuga Turkesterone Extract)

Lots of people are extremely interested in trying turkesterone to help build muscle and increase strength. But how long do you need to take turkesterone in order to achieve those results? While turkesterone is not considered a "Steroid" and does not suppress your natural testosterone production like anabolic steroids. We will still cover this topic by using the term cycle. A cycle is how long you run a compound in order to try and gain muscle and strength.

While turkesterone has not been studied as thoroughly as all of the other anabolic steroids. The same principal applies in our recommended turkesterone cycle length. Muscle is not built overnight. It takes time for the body to adjust to a new compound and to respond to it by building more muscle.

Most typical steroid cycles are 12 weeks long. The reason this is, is that your body needs time to react and also to build muscle. The bodybuilding community pretty much all agree that you do not get very much results in your first month on cycle. Even on anabolic compounds like Testosterone and Nandrolone. It is weeks 5-12 where the compounds really start to show results.

Turkesterone cycles are no different. While we don't have very many studies that looked at turkesterone cycle lengths. We do have tons of anecdotal evidence to show that people seem to see the most results in months 2-4.

Most turkesterone reviews that we have seen show the person really start to get results towards the end of month two and throughout month three. This is exactly the same as anabolic cycles and makes sense to us. However we have heard from some customers that they saw results of their turkesterone cycle in weeks 3 and 4.

So what do we feel the best turkesterone cycle length is? Obviously we make money from selling turkesterone, so take this with a grain of salt. This cycle advice is what we would give anyone, even if we didn't sell turkesterone. It just makes sense to us and is backed up by people on forums and on Reddit.

In our opinion we would run a turkesterone cycle for no less then 12 weeks. This is just the standard cycle length of almost any muscle building compound. Turkesterone is no different in that aspect.

However there is one huge difference in turkesterone vs anabolic compounds. Since turkesterone is 100% natural and does not suppress your bodies hormone system, there is no need to cycle off or do any kind of post cycle therapy.

In theory someone could stay on turkesterone 12 months out of the year, although we would not reccomend it. Not because of any safety or health concerns, but because the body will always build up a tolerance to any substance. So you may see diminished returns after month 4.

Here is what we recommend for turkesterone cycles. We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks on at whatever dosage works the best for you (1-3 grams per day.) We also recommend taking the same amount of months off as you were on cycle. So for example if you ran turkesterone for 4 months, we would recommend 4 months off before starting again. If you did a 3 month cycle, we recommend taking 3 months off as well.

Yes, a supplement company just told you not to buy their product for 3 or 4 months even though it is perfectly safe to take all year round. We are not like other supplement companies. We give our customers twice as much turkesterone in each bottle for the same amount of money as other "Competitors." Why do we do this? Because we swear by turkesterone and are not greedy.

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