Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules Supplement hcgains
Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules Supplement hcgains
Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules Supplement hcgains
Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules Supplement hcgains
Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules Supplement hcgains

Ajuga Turkesterone 120 500mg Capsules

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Turkesterone 500mg 120 Capsules

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract Hydroxypropyl-B-Cyclodextrin Complex

  • 500mg of Turkesterone Per Capsule
  • 120 Per Bottle - One Bottle for $59.99
  • Double the Amount Per Bottle then our Competitors for the SAME price!!!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!!
  • Turkesterone Certificate of Analysis

Turkesterone Supplement

Turkesterone is a relatively new supplement that hasn't quite gotten mainstream attention. Even though this supplement was discovered before the 1960s, and has been popular in many overseas countries, it is just now earning recognition in the western world. Bodybuilders, trainers and those just looking to get a little more firm and toned are all trying Turkesterone and many are giving it rave reviews. What does this supplement contain and what are its effects?

Turkesterone is an extract from a natural plant called Leuzea or Maral Root that looks similar to the more commonly known thistle plant. It is harvested in many countries throughout the world including Siberia, Asia, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. The plant is considered an adaptogen, which is an herb of the plant studied to have some positive effects on the human mind, including the alleviation of anxiety and fatigue.

Turkesterone in a highly concentrated form is an ecdysterone. An ecdysterone is a sterol, a naturally occurring substance in all plant and animal life, and a subgroup of steroids. Steroids are organic compounds, and not the same thing as anabolic steroids which cause abnormal muscle building. Many people believe that Turkesterone supplements actually help the body return to a naturally balanced state, thus improving the immune system.

Studies have been conducted linking Turkesterone and its immune system stimulants to improved response in human beings, including in memory improvement, recovery time and sexual dysfunction. Turkesterone is not literally a steroid, though it can build up muscle in similar fashion to anabolic steroids.

The good news is that unlike recreational steroids, which can cause aggression, breast growth in men, loss of libido, baldness, masculine features in women, hardening of the arteries, and liver damage, this plant's side effects are mild. In fact, its effects are similar to other basic supplement formulas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Worked well

Matthew Schneider

Running 3 capsules a day and have definitely noticed an increase in performance capacity. More power during lifts and considerably less sore.

Salvador Velasco
Best Value anywhere

No one gives you this much Turk for this price, especially with the added HC complex which makes it more usable by the body. I will surely come here in the future for my Turk.

Major gains

I've been working out for more than a decade and had totally plateaued at the gym in terms of my lifting max.

I heard about Turk and figured I'd give it a shot. I purchased the HC Gains version of Turk because a competitor was always out of stock. I have now been on Turk for about 6 weeks. I have to say that I think this stuff really does work. My pre-Turk bench press max was 220lbs. I am now benching 270lbs (3-4 reps). I've also found that my squat has improved too - but I've been focusing more on a deeper squat versus extra weight. Other than the performance increases, I also noticed that my recovery time has been faster so I can still target the same muscle group twice a week if I want.

In terms of dosage, I started taking 500mg a day but later increased to 1000mg and even experimented at one point with 2000mg a day.

Justin Roberts
So Far So Good

The product showed up quickly and as advertised. Still trying to determine the optimal dose and how effective this product actually is, but HG Gains did their job.