Turkesterone Side Effects

Turkesterone Side Effects

There is no doubt that Turkesterone is growing in popularity. 

Natural body builders love the idea that Turkesterone can give them an edge over other body builders without giving up their precious Natty lifter card. But many people are concerned that Turkesterone seems to good to be true. Lean natural gains from a plant steroid already seems to be too good to be true. But when you start looking at Turkesterones side effect profile is when it starts to look like a miracle substance.

Turkesterone as we already know is an extract that is derived from plants. Turkesterone which is a form of ecdysteroid is thought to be produced in plants they are under stress from the environment or from insects. Scientist believe that ecdysteroids help protect the plant from these stressors.

Turkesterone Side Effect Profile

Many would believe that such a powerful plant compound may have side effects when taken by humans. But so far there are no known side effects from taking the Turkesterone extract. As more and more researchers investigate Turkesterone in humans some side effects may become more apparent. But as of now there is only one reported side effect from Turkesterone. Please note that this side effect is completely anecdotal and is just reported from people that have researched with Turkesterone.

The one side effect or turkesterone that is reported by only a handful of researchers is nausea and general stomach irritation. Some user report that at higher dosages of 2,000mg and higher, they experience general stomach discomfort.

Many of these researchers only experience stomach discomfort and nausea at the higher dosages previously mentioned. But most of them who stay under the 2,000mg per day dosage do not experience this Turkesterone side effect.

How to Mitigate Turkesterone Side Effects? 

While we have not seen any reports of Turkesterone Side Effects when taking less then 2,000mg per day, it may be possible but extremely rare. We have created our Turkesterone Capsule to contain 500mg of Turkesterone per capsule. This allows researchers to control the amount that they take in 500mg increments. This will allow a researcher who does get general stomach irritation to lower their Turkesterone intake to an acceptable level.

We would suggest starting your Turkesterone Cycle at 500mg-1,000mg per day so you can see if Turkesterone causes you any stomach side effects. Once you see that Turkesterone does not cause you any side effects, you can up the amount by 500mg per day until you reach your desirable dosage.

Most researchers experiment with Turkesterone at dosages of 1,000mg per day to 3,000mg per day, with the most common dosage being 2,00omg per day.

As with any muscle and strength building compound, there is a law of diminishing returns. What this means is that just because 1,000mg of Turkesterone may give you a 10% gain in strength, this does not mean that 2,000mg with give you a 20% strength increase.

We suggest that you find the right amount for your body and your gains. No reason to take more of a compound once you have found the right amount for you.

Turkesterone Side Effect Conclusion

In conclusion, from the studies that we have on Turkesterone and the anecdotal evidence from researchers all over the world, Turkesterone is a very well tolerated compound with minimal side effects. Being that almost any supplement can cause stomach discomfort, We feel that Turkesterone is in general a side effect free compound that anyone can add to their supplement routine for some extra gains in the gym!