Liquid Ajuga Turkesterone Extract in MCT Oil

Liquid Ajuga Turkesterone Extract in MCT Oil - Coming Soon!

Up until now people who wanted to get a little edge in the gym, gain some extra muscle and increase in strength had to remember to take multiple pills each morning and evening. With everything going on in life, remembering to take pills throughout the day can get annoying. We wanted to make taking Turkesterone  and getting those gains as easy as possible and also possibly make Turkesterone in an even more bioavailable formula. So we created liquid Turkesterone suspended in MCT oil (One of the most healthy oils!)

We packed 500mg of Ajuga Turkesterone Extract into each milliliter of MCT oil to create a potent muscle building formula.

Our original Ajuga Turkesterone Extract is B Complexed using the standard supplement industry standards. While we still feel that this is one of the best ways to create potent bioavailable turkesterone, we wanted to see if we could make it more potent.

In it's powdered form, the body still needs to process and break down the turkesterone before it can absorb it into the body and get it to where it needs to go.

With our liquid Ajuga Turkesterone formula, we feel that by being already broken down and suspended in MCT oil that it will be much easier for the body to absorb the compound and get it flowing through your body.