Is Turkesterone Legal?

Is Turkesterone Legal?


With Turkesterone becoming so popular and helping lots of natural body builders and weightlifters achieve impressive gains, many people are wondering in Turkesterone is Legal.

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid. Turkesterone and other ecdysteroids are steroids found in plants and many invertebrates. Scientists believe that Turkesterone and ecdysteroids are created by plants when they are under environmental stress.

The main reason that people would question whether Turkesterone and other ecdysteroids are legal is in both of these names. Turkesterone end with ONE, just like Testosterone. Ecdysteroid literally has the word steroid in it. In many countries Testosterone and other steroids are illegal. So it would make sense why so many people question if Turkesterone is legal.

Not everything that has the word steroid in it is illegal. Many compounds that are considered steroids have nothing to do with body building, muscle gains and can be found at your local doctors office.

Cortisone is a great example. Notice the ONE at the end is the same as Turkesterone. But cortisone is not used by body builders to grow muscle. Cortisone is what is called a corticosteroid. Corticosteroids are a class of compounds that help lower inflammation in the body.

So just because something is considered a steroid does not mean that it is an anabolic compound. In most countries only the anabolic steroids are illegal, while the other forms of steroids are completely legal and used in medicine everyday.

This brings us to the question of whether Turkesterone is legal or not. Turkesterone is imply an extract of plant steroids and does not bind with the androgen receptors in your body. This means that Turkesterone is not an anabolic steroid and is completely legal.

So fear not, you are not breaking any laws by taking Turkesterone.