Are You Still Considered Natural / Natty If You Take Turkesterone?

 Are You Still Considered Natural / Natty If You Take Turkesterone?

Are people who use Turkesterone still considered Natty? This poses an interesting question. First we will need to address what you consider to be a natural or natty lifter. Is someone who takes creatine or drinks protein shakes still considered natty? In our personal opinion yes as neither of those are anabolic steroids or SARMS. But some people may disagree as protein shakes and concentrated creatine would not be found in nature. But for most people in the world of body building and weightlifting, supplements that are not considered anabolic are generally viewed as natural or natty.

So where does Turkesterone fall in this Natty or not world. Are people who take Turkesterone unnatural? In our opinion no, and we will tell you why.

Almost all anabolic compounds like steroids and SARM's bind to androgen receptors and help build muscle. Creatine and Protein shakes do not bind with androgen receptors and people who take those supplements are generally considered natty.

Turkesterone does not bind to androgen receptors. Turkesterone is actually a potent Estrogen receptor β agonist and help grow muscle through an entirely different pathway.

So in our opinion taking Turkesterone or any other Ecydsteroids does not jeopardize your natty card. 

Is Turkesterone Legal in Sports?

Most professional sports have strict rules about when drugs and supplements are able to be used by athletes. WADA or the World Anti Doping Agency determines what athletes can and cannot use during competition and outside of competition.

But please understand that WADA is not the determining factor in if a compound or supplement will ruin your natural lifter card. In general if any compound or substance gives an athlete any possible performance advantage, they are banned from use. Compounds like stimulants, cortisone and cannabis are all banned from being used by the athletes. By these standards if you take a stimulant based pre workout or have smoked a doobie, you are no longer a natural lifter.

So is Turkesterone legal in professional sports? As of right now Turkesterone and other Ecydsteroids are on WADA's watch list. So they are not banned from any sports at this time. But with the popularity of Turkesterone and some of the recent studies showing improved muscle and strength gain, we fully expect Turkesterone and other Ecydsteroids to be added to WADA's banned substance list.

But even if Turkesterone was banned form professional sports by WADA, we still do not feel that taking it will strip you of your Natty card. So lift away and show your natty card with pride!